Arabic Courses in Delhi

Linguistic Academy is a hub for excellent training in foreign languages. Backed by the support of highly proficient professionally trained faculty members and latest technical facilities, this academy provides Arabic Classes in Delhi in an amicable and aesthetic environment. We are a one-stop destination for the students, corporate professionals and every individual who wants to learn a second tongue in a comprehensive manner.

Our Objective

Our objective is to bring motivation in our teaching techniques for effective learning and expanding the knowledge space of the students.


Our Teaching Methodology

  • Pre training level evaluation
  • Limited class size
  • Training deliver according the needs of each batches
  • Video/Audio assessment techniques
  • Well-qualified and experienced trainers
  • Role plays/mock scenarios
  • Video-recorded activities
  • 360 degree feedback – from trainer, peers and video recorded
  • Regular and comprehensive assessment

Our Courses

Basic Level

It is the first level of this learning process. At this stage students learn the fundamentals of Arabic language including alphabets, shapes of letters, vowels, pronouns, prepositions, and sentence particles. This level also gives you a strong foundation by teaching common vocabularies like numbers, days, colors, relations, foods, dresses and so on.

Intermediate Level

It is also an essential level of Arabic language course. At this level trainers improve your verbal skills and it directly deals with basic common expressions.

Advance Level

This level makes students a master of the basic grammar of Arabic language. At this point, scholars study an assortment of innovative sentence making such as conditional sentences, conjugations of verbs and a conjugation of doer noun, strong and weak verbs and grammatical parts of numbers.

This level is intended to prepare students to achieve mastery over the grammar section or portion of the language. That gives scholars the lessons of particles of exception, comparative and superlative usages, exclamatory sentences, substitutions and so on. It also focuses to prepare persons to read short stories, poems and songs of this rich language.

On this level, a trainer beautifies student’s language and writing skills. This level moulds the learner into a professional writer of the language. Here, students will be familiar with vocabularies of technical products, medical prescriptions, sports, and politics.

It is last and most essential stage of this learning procedure. This level makes students an advanced professional of Arabic language. At this stage scholars fluently communicate with other native speakers without any hesitation.

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